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We are so thankful to the individuals and corporate sponsors who partner together to provide quality, holistic health care to the uninsured and underserved. Sponsorship provides access to medical care and eye care for those who do not qualify for Medicaid/Medicare or have no commercial health insurance.

     St. Luke's Hospital, St. Louis: free labs, x-rays, personnel
     Central Baptist Church: usage and upkeep of buildings, grounds and 
     Eureka Lions Club: eye clinic equipment and glasses

     Essilor and Eye Thrive: free eyeglass frames and lenses
     Eureka Elks Club: updated laptop computers
     Individuals: sharing resources, time and talent to impact those who are 

  Current needs  
       ($50-$250 each)   
Many of our patients do not have updated routine   
       vaccinations. We desire to have a steady supply of TDAP and pneumonia vaccinations
       Diagnostic Colonoscopies
       ($800 each)
Each of our patients, of appropriate age and risk, are encouraged to undergo
       screening for colon cancer. If a test comes back positive, they are referred to a
       specialist for a diagnostic colonoscopy at a reduced cost. Although the cost is
       reduced, many simply cannot afford to pursue testing. 

  Satellite Clinic
 In general, our patients come from West St. Louis, Jefferson, and Franklin Counties.
       COVID has led to even deeper financial struggles for our patient population. After 
       much discussion and prayer, we are planning to open
 a part-time satellite clinic
       in a local church in St. Clair, MO, to help reach more people. Anticipated needs include:

        Office construction (walls, flooring, ceiling, electric, HVAC): $95,000

        Office equipment (printers, fax, etc.): $5,000

Is God tugging at your heart? The team is comprised of providers, nurses, M.A's,
         pharmacists, social workers, front office staff and other ancillary personnel. Because
         of past and increased present struggles, licensed Christian counselors are one of our
         greatest needs. Click above on the volunteer box for more information or call us at




Together We Win!

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We are excited to receive a PLATINUM SEAL of financial transparency from CANDID
(previously GuideStar) for the 3rd year in a row!

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