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This is a collection of actual patient quotes about the care they received at Healing Grace.

We hope they encourage you!

"I appreciate all the help I receive at your office. Without Healing Grace, I would be a mess and my health would be very bad. It's one thing that gives me hope and faith that I will get better."  - T.R.

"Healing Grace basically saved my life. As a small business owner, I had no health insurance at a tipping point in my life. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetic culminated into a perfect storm - and with no health insurance, I didn't think there was anywhere to turn. Healing Grace's great staff...was able to give me guidance and counsel...I have lost over 100 pounds and corrected many of my health issues."  - J.C.

"I had already been suffering from arm pain for several years...ignored the discomfort and pushed through the increasing pain because I had no insurance...I began casting about for options, any options. Without Healing Grace, my only options would be hundreds or thousands in debt...or suffering permanent nerve damage in my arm. Healing Grace helped me get the diagnosis I so badly needed, and then helped me through....the process. Thanks to Healing Grace, I healed and recovered, was able to pursue my chosen profession...and have a full time job and good health insurance. I can only hope that Healing Grace is able to continue helping people in the same way they were able to help me." - M.Q.

"A friend of mine talked about the great work that Healing Grace had been doing with them....I, myself, had no insurance and came to them. The care is the best I've seen...The dedication of these wonderful people is obvious...when you know that they are doing this service for God..."  - A.R.

"Being a single Mom and not having a job that provided insurance...Healing Grace has been there...Because of them, I had my first mammogram and had lab work done....I've had colds, bronchitis, back and feet pain. They have helped me with all of it and I am so finally be on the road to recovery..." - C.M.

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